Baby Nest Free Printable Pattern and Simple Tutorial

Baby Nest Free Printable Pattern

Nowadays, Baby nest bed are so popular. Its aim is to protect baby being crushed when he is in parent’s bed. Different models are sold. You can buy or easily make one. You can find details in this article. Moreover, I will send Baby Nest Free Printable Pattern who wants via comment. There won’t be anyone who says babynest sewing is hard after this tutorial.

Baby Nest Bed Materials:

If inside and outside with different colors, 1 meter each, total 2 meter otherwise 1 meter is enough
Sort of fabric can be any cotton fabric; poplin or any fabric for linen

To Fill:
0.5kg fiberfill – It is enough for both outside and mattress part.
Alternatively, you can use sponge for the mattress or etc.

4 meter bias,
5 meter cotton cord or ribbon (It will be used for pursing up – It will pass through bias)

4 meter lace or scallop or pompon
If you want to design on mattress like mine, You will need some fabric pieces and emroidery threads. I applied applique and embroidery techniques together.

Sewing Baby Nest Stages

Baby Nest Free Printable Pattern and tutorial
Sewing a baby Nest Stages

Let’s See How to Make Baby Nest Step by Step;

1 and 2

I usualy wash the fabric before sewing whatever and then iron. I washed fabric at 30 Centigrade degree. ( Do this for shrinking as a precution)

3 and 4

For Sewing baby nest bed, I used the pattern below. I think, this pattern is suitable for babies up to ten months. Baby nest’s aim is to protect baby from you on the bed. Therefore, this measurements are usualy used. If you want, You can enlarge it.

Baby Nest Free Printable Pattern

I drew the pattern on newspaper. You can put newspapers together with paper tape, in order to obtain desired size. For drawing round edges, I used big and small round bowls  🙂
As a result, I had a pattern, it would be easy if I want to sew a baby nest bed again.

Update: I prepared the pattern in pdf format. If you want the free baby nest printable pattern, Please write comment. I will send it to your e-mail adress.

I pinned pattern up back of the fabric and drew the pattern. Then, I cut it off the seam allowance (1 or 1.5 cm from the line). You will do the same for the other side. You should have 2 pieces which have same measurement.

babynest fabric

5 and 6

I have done applique on face of matress part. If you want to design, you should do at this time. Thereafter, I turn the fabrics face to face and pinned them together. Then, I sew the fabrics by following the line. Don’t sew the part I have pointed with blue. It will needed for sewing bias and filling fiberfill.


7 and 8

I turned the front face of the fabric and ironed the intersections of two fabric pieces. I made this to sew bias smoothly.

It was the most diffucult phase for me. I centered bias, pinned to fabric and sew. Bias length is pointed with green as seen in the photo below.

baby nest sewing bias

9 and 10

It is time to adjust bed part. I drew the fabric measured 15 cm from the edges, as seen in the photo. I drew with a pencil, no problem because it would be cleaned when first washing. Moreover, the line wouldnot be seen when we finished baby nest.
I pinned nether and upper fabric. Then, sew following the line. I hope I could explain. Easy to make but hard to tell 🙂

Update: If you have the pattern, (write comment, I will send to your e mail the Baby Nest Free Printable Pattern pdf) do not need this calculating step.

Baby Nest Free Printable Pattern

11, 12 and 13

I filled sides with fiberfill. I filled little by little in order to prevent being chunky. After Filling, sew the rest with my hand.

filling babynest

14 and 15

Finaly, I filled the matress part, tidied fiberfill, tacked together bias and fabric. Then, sew it.

After then, I passed cotton cord through bias, and shriked.

Finitoooo :)))
Love to your teeny …

I want to add some detailed photos. If you need any further detail, please ask. I am not native english speaker, therefore can be some deficiency in terms.

babynest bed sewing babynest bed sewing baby nest pattern in english

There is my first baby nest below, added for being example for you 🙂

babynest sleeper

Also, you can reach Turkish version of this tutorial;

BabyNest / Bebek Yuvası Yapılışı


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